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Licensed company under the license no. 486 issued by the Ministry of Transport.

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Taxi Podgorica Airport. We are a serious and cheap taxi company and we guarantee the price you agreed on. All prices are per vehicle. Book your Mercedes E class online with a friendly driver and enjoy the ride.

Taxi from Podgorica Airport Taxi from Podgorica Airport is a licensed company with professional drivers that performs transportation from Podgorica Airport to all hotels, cities and other regional airports as well as to any resort in Montenegro or abroad: Budva, Kotor, Ulcinj, Bar, Petrovac, Tirana, Dubrovnik ...
From the moment you book a transfer with us and land at the airport in Podgorica, we take care of your safety and comfort while driving.
Our company follows all flights and in case you are late for some reason, our driver will kindly wait for you and it is not charged.
Our driver will be waiting for you in the main airport building and will have your name written on paper in his hands for quick recognition. Our drivers are neatly and culturally trained. They will kindly escort you to the vehicle and help you with your luggage.
Our drivers are licensed professionals who know all the roads in the region very well and who will make sure you enjoy your journey .
Our vehicles are clean and properly serviced and all passengers in the vehicle are properly insured. Don't worry, we take care of you.
Taxi Airport Podgorica (Taxi Montenegro) is a company that uses new Mercedes E class vehicles and Volkswagen Passat in all modes of transport.
Our dispatch center takes care of you during your flight by monitoring your flight and taking care of your safety during your journey to your final destination.
You can get the following services from us:
- Transfers from Podgorica Airport to any destination in the region and vice versa.
- Transport from countries in the region to cities and airports in Montenegro.
- Private transfers (taxi vehicles without taxi signs).
- Daily car rental with driver.
- VIP transfers in Montenegro.
- Taxi from Podgorica - Transfers outside Montenegro.
- Tourist tours in Montenegro (Lake Biograd and Skadar, Ostrog Monastery, Tara Canyon, etc.) and abroad (Dubrovnik trip, Trebinje (Bosnia), fortress in Shkodra, etc.).
VIP ride from Podgorica Airport of Montenegro must be scheduled in advance, especially during the summer tourist season.
Book us because we are a fair company that has no hidden costs and you will pay the price you agreed with us at your final destination.
Read the comments about us on the trip advisor and write your comment about the experience and cooperation with our company. Your satisfaction with our service is our greatest success. See you soon.
Taxi from Podgorica airport displays updated and transparent prices at no extra cost, ensuring you can make an informed decision about which option will work best for you.
Book your taxi online with a simple contact form on our Contact page and you will get the cheapest possible price in the most comfortable Mercedes E class vehicles as well as Passat.

The taxi service we provide is recognizable by the respect of agreements and professionalism at a very high level.

Taxi from Podgorica Airport Taxi from Podgorica Airport is a company that is not located in front of the main airport building. Our company has been operating successfully for twenty years and is located in the city. If you call us when you land our vehicle with a professional and uniformed driver will pick you up in 15 minutes in front of the airport building.
However, we recommend that you book your taxi online in advance using the booking form you have on each of our pages and avoid the possibility that we do not have a free vehicle for you. During the tourist season, there is a large number of daily transfers and it is a pure lottery whether you will find a tidy and serviced taxi in Podgorica . We appreciate all agreements with clients, we respect the agreed transfer prices and our vehicle and driver will always be neat, punctual and on time.
Our company also schedules return transfers that you can book immediately or directly with our driver during the incoming transfer. All clients who book incoming transfers immediately book a return transfer, which speaks volumes about our professionalism and the quality of our service. Accuracy and kindness are the best features of our company and our drivers. Smoking is prohibited in all our vehicles and drivers do not consume cigarettes. We are always at the address before you because we respect your time and our agreement. A satisfied client is the best client, we tell you from personal experience and that is our best advertisement.
We are your accurate and reliable partner for a fair price! Pack your things for the rest we will take care of. For a pleasant journey and calm sea, we are also in charge of 268 sunny days a year that you have in Montenegro.
Our company taxi from Podgorica airport wishes you a warm welcome and a pleasant vacation in Montenegro.

Taxi from Podgorica, Montenegro

Taxi Podgorica aerodrom Taxi from Podgorica to any city in the area depends on the distance and number of kilometers. The capital of Montenegro has changed its name in its history. Its medieval name is Ribnica. At the end of the Second World War, it was named Titograd. The name Podgorica is of recent date.
  Podgorica is the administrative, cultural, economic, educational and sports center of Montenegro. It belongs to the central part of the country and covers an area of ​​10.43% of the total territory of the country. Its altitude is 44m and it is characterized by a Mediterranean climate and the epithet of one of the warmest cities in Europe with over 240 sunny days during the year. The large number of groundwater makes it famous for its clean and healthy drinking water. The city is known for its spacious and beautifully landscaped green areas and parks dominated by pine, linden and plane trees. The average annual air temperature is 16.4 c, maximum 40.7 c and minimum -4.6 c. Summer is extremely warm and long.
The town is located in the Zeta-Bjelovar Plain at the mouth of the river Ribnica in Morac. A third of the country's population or more than 200,000 live in the city. The entire population of Montenegro has about 650,000 inhabitants.
  Podgorica has a very turbulent and lavish history that was destroyed by several dozen bombings during World War II. The clock tower is one of the remaining pearls of the ruined old city. Near the town there is an archeological site of the ancient Roman town of Duklja.
  The town is very well located and is one hour away from the sea and the same distance from the ski center Kolasin. Podgorica is a city of parks, culture and hospitality.
    Transfers from Podgorica our company works with experienced drivers and serviced Mercedes-class fleet.
During your trip our drivers will introduce you to all the beauties of the capital and the surrounding area and give you all the necessary information where you can take a coffee break or lunch during the ride.

About the airport and us.

Taxi from Podgorica airportPodgorica International Airport is about 13 km away from the city center and a modern road with four lanes leads to it. The only possibility of transport from the airport to the city center is taxi transport. The bus line once existed in co-operation with the municipality of Podgorica but has not been operating for years. The new modern airport building was built in 2006 and meets all European standards. Over half a million passengers land at Podgorica Airport every summer, which is a phenomenal figure for a small destination such as Montenegro.
   If you have chosen our company to do your transfer from Podgorica Airport then you have made the right choice. From the moment you booked us, all your worries are ours as well. Your safety during the journey with us is our first and greatest commitment. Our team takes care of you from our meeting to the final destination of your trip . Comfort, accuracy and safety are our virtues by which we are recognizable to all users.
  Our company offers you the best Taxi in Podgorica , so say our satisfied clients. Thank you for your trust and we look forward to seeing you again.

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