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Taxi from Podgorica Airport to Biogradsko Lake

Taxi from Podgorica Airport to Biogradsko Lake. Licensed taxi / transfer service company. Transfer Podgorica Airport to Biogradsko Lake.

 Taxi from Podgorica Airport to Biogradsko Lake, MLake Biograd is the largest mountain lake in Montenegro. The lake is located 16 km from the town of Kolašin on the mountain Bjelasica and is part of the Biogradska Gora National Park. Biogradsko Lake is filled with water throughout the year from the Biogradska River, which is 8 km long. The island of the lake is the river Jezerštica, which flows into the river Tara, one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, which is called the tear of Europe because of the purity of its water. Tourist facilities have been built next to the lake - a national restaurant, bungalows and a rest area. The water in the lake is extremely clear and clean but has a beautiful green color because it reflects the surrounding green forest. On the lake you can rent a boat to ride on the lake and enjoy its beauty.
  In addition to the lake, you can also enjoy hiking through the forest around the lake. Lake Biograd is suitable for all types of tourists from hiking and mountaineering to kayaking or cycling. During the warm summer months, thousands of tourists from all over the world who love hiking, biking and hiking through untouched nature come to Biogradsko Lake National Park to relax and enjoy their vacation.
The ride from the main road to the lake is a real adventure through an old century-old mossy forest. If you went on a trip and forgot the tent, don't worry because you have a dozen beautiful wooden bungalows on the shore of the lake. This is not the end of surprises because on the shore of the lake you will find a beautiful wooden restaurant with local food where you can enjoy local specialties and enchanting views of the lake. The trails are neatly marked and adapted to all guests and nature lovers.
Transfer from Podgorica airport to Biograd Lake takes about an hour and a half. The journey goes through the beautiful canyon of the river Morača, and next to the monastery Morača, after which in fifteen minutes you pass through the town of Kolašin, which is the last inhabited place on the way to the lake. When you pass Kolašin, after a fifteen-minute drive, turn right for Biogradska Gora, where after a few kilometers you will come across the unreal Biogradska Lake. Taxi from Podgorica Airport welcomes you to the wild beauty of Montenegro.

Cijena transfera od Podgorice do destinacije: Biogradsko lake je 65 eur. Pogledajte kompletan cjenovnik... CJENOVNIK

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