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Licensed company under the license no. 486 issued by the Ministry of Transport.

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Taxi from Podgorica Airport to Shkoder

We are a licensed company for providing taxi / transfer service to and from the airport Podgorica

ShkoderShkodra is a city on the southeastern shore of Lake Skadar and is an important industrial and educational center in Albania. The city was founded in the 4th century BC. and is located at the confluence of the rivers Drim and Bojana. Shkodra is located 20 kilometers from the Adriatic Sea, 10 kilometers from the border with Montenegro and 65 kilometers from Podgorica. It is one of the oldest cities in Albania. Roman Catholics and Muslims live in the city in good mutual relations. Shkodra and its surroundings have about 200,000 inhabitants. The main library in Shkodra contains 250,000 books, which speaks volumes about the history of the city's culture. Shkodra is known for its religious education and is located in universities.
  Above the city is dominated by the fortress of Rozafa, which dates back to Illyrian times. Rozafa offers a fantastic view of the city of Shkodra and its breathtaking surroundings. From the fortress you can see the rivers Bojana and Drim as well as their mouth. The old ramparts look impressive and from them you can also observe the lake and its surroundings where the city of Shkodra is located.
  Taxi from Podgorica airport to Shkodra is a pleasant ride on the new highway that stretches along the edge of Skadar Lake. The city abounds in good and cheap restaurants where you can eat fresh and cheap lake fish. The main street stretches along the entire length of the city and in the summer months you can see many tourists or gutter workers who came to their country on vacation to drink their morning coffee. Half an hour from the city is the popular place Velipoje, which is also the city beach and the exit of Shkodra to the sea. Velipoje looks like a modern place and there are many hotels and resorts for foreign and domestic guests.
  The people in Shkodra are very hospitable and once you arrive we are sure that this will not be your only transfer to Shkodra but you will surely come again. Our drivers will help you find your way and get to your hotel restaurant or beach neatly.

Cijena transfera od Podgorice do destinacije: Shkoder je 70 eur. Pogledajte kompletan cjenovnik... CJENOVNIK

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