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Licensed company under the license no. 486 issued by the Ministry of Transport.

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Taxi From Podgorica Airport to Tirana

Professional licensed company for a comfortable and safe transportation of passengers.

Tirana AirportTirana Airport is the largest airport in Albania and is located in the capital Tirana. It is 30 km of Durres and Vlore from 100 km to the south. At 15 km from the airport there is a historical place called Kruje, where he was stationed legendary Albanian leader Skanderbeg. Taxi from Podgorica Airport to Airport Tirana is plain nice trip through the towns of Shkodra and Lezha. Airport Tirana has a very good connection so that they travel to and from the airport is very frequent. Tourist is attractive because it is very close to the sea (30km) from the border with Montenegro is 100 km. Taxi from Podgorica Airport to Airport Tirana the transport of the Mercedes E-class and the ride takes two and a half hours.

Cijena transfera od Podgorice do destinacije: Tirana Airport (AL) je 100 eur. Pogledajte kompletan cjenovnik... CJENOVNIK

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