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Montenegro - beauty that takes your breath away

Taxi from Podgorica airport is a professional taxi company specializing in transfers and travel within Montenegro and in the surrounding countries.

Montenegro is a country in southern Europe, which lies on the Adriatic coast of the Balkan Peninsula. It is bordered on the east and north with Serbia in the west and northwest with Croatian and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Serbian Republic) and in the south and southeast with Albania. In the southwest of the Adriatic Sea from Italy is divided. The capital and the largest is Podgorica, while Cetinje has the status of the capital.
  It is also called the pearl of the Mediterranean due to its natural beauties that are located in such a small space. Montenegro is rich with tame beaches, clear lakes, fast rivers and beautiful mountains. This beauty of wild nature is rich in superlatives that each country wished. Montenegro is a country that will not leave you indifferent where you can wake up on the beautiful Adriatic coast, have lunch at one of the lake and enjoy the evening walks to one of its beautiful mountains. Montenegro is one of the most interesting places in the world because it is on the surface of 14000 square kilometers are all the beauty of the canyon, lakes, mountains and the sea smell and the most beautiful blue color.
  The forerunners of today's Montenegro medieval principality of Duklja and Zeta. Montenegro during the Turkish rule had some kind of autonomy and independence from Turkey she was confirmed at the Berlin Congress in 1878. From 1918 it was part of all three of Yugoslavia. In a referendum held on 21 May 2006, the citizens of Montenegro voted independence from the state union of Serbia and Montenegro. Independence was declared on 3 June 2006. The total population is 670,000. On 28 June 2006, Montenegro became the 192nd member of the United Nations, 11 May 2007, the 47th member of the Council of Europe,
Montenegro is a member of the United Nations, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Council of Europe and the Union for the Mediterranean. It is also a candidate for EU membership since 2010.

Skadar Lake - the most beautiful and largest lake in the Balkans (objavljeno: 14.06.19. / 00:34h) |
skadarsko jezero.jpgLake Skadar is a national park and the largest lake in Montenegro and the Balkan Peninsula, area 369.7 km². Its length from Shkodra Vranjine to 40 km, a width in some places 14 kilometers. The depth of 4 to 6 meters, and the farther you go to the western hill is even higher. According to the seasons resizes and receives water from the many rivers and the largest Moraca. River Bojana flows into the Adriatic Sea. Lake Skadar is also the national park, which is rich in fish and a large number of bird species. Attendance lake is huge, especially in the summer months when Montenegro slije large number of tourists from around the world.
  The lake is full of islands and peninsulas on which there are traces of history and valuable cultural heritage: Žabljak (15 in.) - The capital of former Zeta, Lesendro - castle on a rock in the middle of the lake, the fortress Grmožur. Clear water and preserved environment enabled the development of extremely rich eco-system. This is the only habitat of pelicans in southern Europe, hundreds of lake makes it even more interesting for tourist visits and observation. On the shore of the lake is a small town of Rijeka Crnojevica in whose Oboda near the remains of the city where it was located the first printing press in this part of Europe. Do not forget to stop by the town of Virpazar on the shores of the lake, rent a boat for an hour or two drive enjoy and experience the beauty of the Montenegrin pearls.
Plantations 13 July-largest vineyard and the best wine of the region! (objavljeno: 07.10.17. / 17:13h) |
plantaže 13 jul.JPGAt only thirty kilometers from the Adriatic Sea along the coast of Skadar Lake and close to Podgorica is the largest vineyard in one piece in Europe - 13 JUL PLANTAZE, PODGORICA. From here VRANAC wine and KRSTAC produced by the same name and native species of grapes Montenegrin traveling all over the world recognized for its high quality. With an annual output of 22 million kilograms of grapes companies 13 JUL PLANTAZE is the biggest producer of wine and table grapes, wine and grape brandy in the region. Leadership held with the placement of over 17 million bottled products annually. The company exports products to over 25 countries around the world. Until the seventies of the last century Cemovsko field was wasteland that was then becoming related lineages Vranac. When the project is done in 1977 Cemovsko field with the assistance of the International Bank, was invited to a French specialist in wine and viticulture Evelin Patrick Simon, who conducted the tasting, wine Vranac compared with other wines, and concluded that it occupies a place side by side the finest French wines from the environment Bordeaux. Montenegro then got 1,500 hectares of vineyards and modern wine cellar with a capacity of 2,000 wagons. Today it is a modern vineyard largest and most beautiful in Europe, the area of ​​2,300 hectares with 11.5 million grapevines and modern wine cellar in the hill Sipcanik. The wine cellar is located 30 meters under the ground is a long 356 wide and 13.5 meters. It keeps the wine in almost ideal climatic and technological conditions. The wooden barrels and bottles are aging 2 million liters of wine of superior quality. As part of the basement is a wine cellar, which possesses 28,000 wine bottles from 3 to 10 years. In the basement Sipcanik can organize visits with wine tasting and VRANAC ,KRSTAC and wine Chardonnay barrique Pro Carde.
Montenegrin coast is unique - our pride in the Mediterranean (objavljeno: 30.12.18. / 09:54h) |
A17343AF-9E69-4DE9-A511-2C069CA3D2C9.jpegMontenegrin coast is 293 km long, has 117 beaches, whose total length is 73 kilometers. You can choose a beach that best suits your taste sandy, stony or rocky. The beach has a long, short or small and intimate. Queen's beach in Milocer is one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic coast with beautiful sand and clear sea. Hidden in a centuries-old olive trees and pine forest rightfully named "untouchable". Long is 120 meters long and was named after Queen Mary Karadjordjevic Yugoslav. King's Beach in Milocer not inferior to the beauty of the Queen's beach and is a true monument of nature in the royal park. Trademark Mogren Budva's beach, which is divided into two parts. According beach a narrow stone path which gives it even more irritating. Becici beach is considered one of the largest beaches on the southern Adriatic. Back in 1935 this beach was awarded grand prix in Paris and declared the most beautiful beach in Europe. This is the beach where he built the most elite hotels and the right place for rest and recreation. Lucice beach in Petrovac is a beautiful beach which although is much traffic remained intact. Great beach in Ulcinj is the longest Montenegrin beaches with beautiful sand as fine as flour. It stretches on forever, and the entire debt of 12 kilometers.
  Beach Jaz is Mrčevo field and belongs to the municipality of Budva. In it for several years organized a big concert where visiting celebrities like the Rolling Stones and Madonna. Beach Trsteno deeply into the land near Budva. It is about 200 meters, covered with fine sand and is known for its fine sandy seabed.
Monastery Morača (objavljeno: 15.01.18. / 14:34h) |
Man_Moraca 01.jpgThe Morača Monastery is located on the right bank of the Morača River. The ride from Podgorica to the Moraca Monastery takes about 40 minutes. This area belongs to the municipality of Kolašin. It was named after the Morača river. Near the manuscript there is a waterfall of Svetigora which gives a special beauty to the monastery. The monastery was built during the reign of Nemanjić, dating back to 1252. The monastery was destroyed during Turkish rule but was later reconstructed. In the monastery there is a small church dedicated to St. Nicholas. The monastery consists of a monastery. The entrance door to the monastery was made of elephant bone. The interior of the monastery is painted with frescoes. They are the true treasures of the monastery. In the monastery there is the hand of the holy clergyman Haralampi. Transfer from Podgorica to the Moraca Monastery is a journey through the picturesque canyon of the river Morača that will leave you breathless.
Porto Montenegro (objavljeno: 05.02.18. / 17:05h) |
IMG_7862.JPGPorto Montenegro is a unique nautical luxury resort located in Tivat. It has a luxury marina for the most modern yachts. The complex is dominated by the luxurious 5-Star Regent Hotel in Venetian style. The resort has been designed as a combination of the most modern business and residential buildings.
   Porto Montenegro was built by rich Canadian Peter Mank. If your transfer or trip leads through Tivat, Taxi Montenegro recommends that you should stop Porto Montenegro for a short break and enjoy. The complex has a shopping area with 50 brands of famous brands and foreign and domestic designers. If you enjoy water sports or sailing Porto Montenegro is your right choice. The ride from the airport in Podgorica to Porto Montenegro lasts for an hour and thirty minutes to two hours, depending on traffic jams.

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