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Licensed company under the license no. 486 issued by the Ministry of Transport.

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Taxi From Airport Podgorica to Cetinje

Taxi from Podgorica Airport to Cetinje. Licensed taxi / transfer service company. Transfer Podgorica Airport to Cetinje.

Taxi from Podgorica Airport to Cetinje. MontenegroCetinje was founded by Ivan Crnojevic in 1482. Ivan Crnojevic was the master and ruler of the then Zeta state. In the Cetinje field, the court and the Cetinje monastery were built. At that time, the city was often hit by the invaders, especially Turkey. At the end of the 17th century the reign of the Petrović dynasty began. The city of the Pops to develop during the reign of Peter II of Petrović Njegoš. Njegoš was a ruler, poet and philosopher. He built a new residence in 1838 near the monastery called Billiards. With the international recognition of Montenegro in 1878, Cetinje becomes the capital and occupies the true outcrops of the city. At that time, the Royal Theater Zetski Dom, the Government House and a number of European embassies are being built. At the time, Montenegro was the principal. Between the two world wars Cetinje was the capital of Zeta Banovina. The city is developing, the population is being enlarged and a number of modern buildings are being built. Today Cetinje is the old capital of Montenegro that attracts a huge number of tourists during the year. Cetinje is a city that must be visited on every trip through Montenegro. Transfer from the airport in Podgorica to Cetinje takes about thirty minutes. When driving from Podgorica airport to Cetina, make sure to stop at home food at the National restaurant Belveder. When traveling with the airport Podgorica towards the sea, Cetinje is a place where you can enjoy coffee, visit the Cetinje Monastery, the national museum and meet good people. Near the city there are very interesting places such as the National Park Lovcen, the village of Njugusi, which produces the best smoked meat in Montenegro and the Ivanovo Gorge's excursion site. All these places are on your way if you are traveling from Podgorica to Kotor. After the tour, you will be fascinated with the view of the Bay of Kotor which is provided right after passing through the village of Njeguši. We wish you a pleasant holiday and lots of nice moments in our Montenegro.

Cijena transfera od Podgorice do destinacije: Cetinje je 35 eur. Pogledajte kompletan cjenovnik... CJENOVNIK

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